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(not) sheep is a gallery that showcases  national and  international artists making a statement . . . about politics, race, ethnicity, environment, women's issues, aging, and other cultural and societal issues.  It is time that art takes chances again, that it strives to document, discuss, lay bare, and possibly offend.  Art is political.Rogue art.  No apologies.


Art has, throughout history, been political.  At this current time in history, though,  art has never been more commercial, mainstream and publicly accessible.  In that environment, art has become many things to many people.  (not) sheep does not want to be all things to all people.  (not) sheep  gives a venue to the voice of dissent.  The work needs to be presented whole, unfiltered, uninhibited.  


These artists are taking risks, working outside the established maintstream of commercial viability.  Their art is important, and deserves support.  It also does what art SHOULD do, which is, essentially, to have an opinion.  If you're at all concerned/ interested/ impassioned, support these artists by viewing and purchasing their work.Let's effect change together.  If you support us, we support good.  5% of all purchases will go to a charity of your choice.

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What we do

Juliellen Byrne, clay, "God's Hammer"

We are an art gallery, displaying the work of talented mid-career contemporary living artists.  We also have guest artists occasionally, or do invitationals (showing the work of artists not currently showing at (Not) Sheep. 


We will do art shows, invitationals, and host poetry slams, guest speakers, workshops and more.  If you have an event or something to contribute, please contact me at caren@notsheepgallery.com


Ann Kim mixed media on board

We are only open Thursday-Sunday, 11:00 am - 6:00 pm, and gallery hops from 11:00 am - 10:00 pm.  We will also be open for our poetry slams on dates to be announced (first one November 8).

17 W. Russell Street in the Short North

Current Shows

Char Norman, weaving, coiling, wood

The calendar can change frequently.  If you're not checking our website regularly, please sign up for the e-mail list or like us on Facebook.  

Our Invitationals

Yuri Darash, First Appearance, acrylic on board

Themes and dates for invitationals:

June/July/August 2019 - "After the Rain"

October 2019 - "The Masks We Wear"

March/April 2020 - "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back"

June/July/August 2020 - "Dissent"

October 2020 - "The Masks We Wear"

March/April 2021 - "Concentration"

June/July/August 2021 - "The Problem We All Live With"

October 2021 - "The Masks We Wear"

apply by sending images to caren@notsheepgallery.com

Cool Extra Things

Writing Wrongs Poetry Slam

Writing Wrongs Poetry will perform once per quarter at (Not) Sheep in Columbus.  First performance will be Thursday, November 8, from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm.  Small admission charge goes to Writing Wrongs Poetry.  You can also choose to donate the 5% of your purchase to Writing Wrongs Poetry.   An art gallery with something to say, said by Writing Wrongs Poetry.

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