Kim Goldfarb, artist, Albuquerque, NM

Racial and cultural issues

Kim Goldfarb, artist, received a BFA degree in drawing and painting at the University of Georgia. She pursued a painting career and gallery directorships in Chicago simultaneously for seventeen years. In the early 90’s she changed direction in her art endeavors and began working in figurative sculpture. 

"As a sculptor, glass designer, and painter, the thread that weaves them together is the thrill of discovery and love of the human and animal form. I am consistently driven to express my love of this beautiful planet and its inhabitants. I feel that we are all connected. In my work I often portray human animal hybrids. In some ways this is my expression of how connected we all are. A lot of the work that I do is stream of consciousness. I feel that somehow I know these beings that I paint and sculpt on some deep emotional level. They have a need for expression and I am happy to be the vehicle through which they come into being.

I primarily work in oil and mixed media on board. My favorite tools are steel wool, rags, clay scrapers, oil sticks, and my fingers. Brushes are seldom used. I enjoy the physical nature of my work, often placing the board on the floor, pouring, splattering, and scraping the paint. I intuitively pull images from the marks and stains. In this act of surrender I temporarily suspend my conscious mind and allow the whispering of the muse to guide me."

Kim Goldfarb, Albuquerque, NM

Kim Goldfarb, Albuquerque, NM


Kim in her studio