Special Events and shows

May/Sue Cavanaugh one-person show, open house and artist discussion


Sue Cavanaugh, a Columbus artist whose work has quickly become highly sought-after, collected, and respected by the art world, began as a quilter.  She has morphed into a political activist, with some of her recent work featuring Unholier Than Thou Voodoo Protection Dolls, Corporations as People linocuts, a book entitled Corporations Are People Like the Emperor's New Clothes Were Real, and pieces depicting Trump and Putin holding hands.  

Sue is vibrant, witty and endlessly charming, and believes that a good-humored approach to difficult subjects suits her.  

Sue will talk about her work during a Roundtable Discussion Sunday, May 5, from 11-12, with an open-house immediately following until 3pm.  

May @ The Table Restaurant


During May, we will show the work of Magda Parasidis, Jeff Sutherland and Barbara Mayerson at The Table Restaurant

Poetry Slam has been rescheduled for sometime in June - will be announced!

Plant some vegetable and flowers -- the world needs more plants and you need good food!

June/July Invitational

Rosy Avoscan artist
columbus ohio

June and July we will host our invitational "After the Rain/Reign".  This title is loosely interpreted, and artists will be covering topics such as immigration and political upheaval (which often goes hand-in-hand), mental illness (and the high-and-low and emotional fluxes that coincide with mental illness), politics in general, and loss.

Artist participating include Rosy Avoscan, Deborah Griffing, Magda Parasidis, Alissa Ohashi, Brandon Smith, Michael Halliday,  Daniel Calder, Mary Mazziotti, Juliellen Byrne and Priscilla Roggenkamp.

During June 1 gallery hop, Nora Daniel will be creating instant ink paintings of you, your dog, your child, etc. for $30 (to the artist)

June @ The Table Restaurant - The Elephant in the room

Political Plates

During the Month of June, we will show political plates created by The Elephant in the Room (a non de plume for a well-known ceramic artist here in town). Each plate represents a political figure and an action they took or a vote they made that effects our State or Country in a negative way.

Other June/July Events & Happenings

Priscilla Roggenkamp, installation about immigration

June 1 - Gallery hop and Short North garage sale.  (Not) Sheep will participate with art, stretcher bars, frames, art books, art supplies, etc.

5% of all sales will go to Mid-Ohio Food Bank (or another charity of your choice).  

August @ The Gallery

Group show Yuri Darash, Christopher X. Bost, Nava Lubelski

 August 1-31, (Not) Sheep Gallery will showcase the piece selected by voting process for the Short North mural series, with artist in attendance.  

Special events will be announced.  

Also in August, the Short North Bazaar.  We'll participate by mounting an "Art Swap" -- bring your art, get something in return.

Random Thoughts

Lawrence Ferlinghetti poem "Sheep"

What I'm Doing

Showing great, thought-provoking, often controversial art.  


I'm changing the show about every two months.  Sign up for our mail list or view the calendar on the front page to see lists of upcoming shows.

Why I'm Doing it

We live in tumultuous times.  Personally, I'm pissed.  If I could, I'd volunteer at an abortion clinic, a homeless shelter, an immigration action committee, protest, educate, whatever I could.  As it is, I'm good at showing great art, and these artists are great at creating work that tackles controversial issues.  So I'm showing great art, that hopefully will provoke thought, debate, maybe action.

Some great quotes

"The artist's role is to raise the consciousness of the people.  To make them understand life, the world and themselves more completely.  That's how I see it.  Otherwise, I don't know why you do it."  Amiri Baraka

"We live in a fractured world.  I've always seen it as my role as an artist to attempt to make wholeness."  Anist Kapoor

"Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics."  Victor Pinchuk

Apply Yourself

We all have a role to play.  We can, each and every one of us, make a difference.  If you're an artist, speak your truth.  If  you're interested in speaking your truth at (Not) Sheep Gallery, submit a portfolio with an artist statement for one of our invitational shows.  If you're a collector or a person who likes art, buy artwork.  Spread the word.  Support art.

Contact me

For questions, answers, or information, call me at 614-565-0314 or write to caren@notsheepgallery.com

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